Geboren in Deutschland, designed mit italienischem Geist.

„Your intention first, gives your work a name.“


The Claim to luxury, everyone deserves it. Stand out with „Venco Milano“, no matter which occasion.
We are a design studio, with the mission to develope highest quality jewelry for an honest price & that puts value on exclusive class, while utilizing only prime materials for our selection. Let the milanese style be your jewelry choice!

Be unique, be VENCO.

Our mission is to sell high-quality and great design jewelry for an honest price by cutting out distributors, wholesalers and retailers and sell directly to you. Intricate designs, delicate with detail and dialed with originality - we aim to encapsulate the essence of Milano, Italy in every piece we create. Our approach allows us to focus first and foremost on the quality and designs of our collections to ensure that only the best leaves our doors here at Venco.